This Christmas, give Sadie a lasting wish to grow up with.

Sadie, 8, battling leukaemia, wishes to have an everlasting supply of books.

This Christmas, will you help give Sadie the greatest gift of all?  With your help, we'll make sure she has an everlasting supply of books so she can carry on having amazing adventures, while her body gets on with getting better.

Sadie is eight years old and from South Australia.  For the last year, things have been really tough for her.  Just after her seventh birthday last year, Sadie was diagnosed with a childhood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Sadie has coped with the endless hospital visits by jumping into a book and being able to escape into another world - whether it's deep in the jungles of Borneo or floating through space as an astronaut.

Help give Sadie the comfort and security of a very special home library where she can explore all the books she'll ever need with an everlasting supply of books!

With your help, Sadie will get better, and grow up into a healthy, well-read young lady with a happy life ahead of her.

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Sadie reads everywhere...

She's not in the hospital anymore when she reads.

Sadie reads while getting treatment..

Reading is an enormous escape for Sadie.

Sadie reads in the waiting room...

Sadie even reads in the car on the way to hospital.